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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 By Jana Blue

This is a poem in celebration of my choice.
My blue sky mind,
My body, and soul.
The eyes that saw France,
With blooming velvet roses, and smooth cobblestone paths,
the body that gave precious life,
And for my heart with open doors.

This poem is for my father,
Who doesn’t know who he is.
A man with 12 children; 12 and he
Can’t say where half of them live.
For my father, who gave me my bright crooked smile.
Who gave me my golden eyes.
But my sense of heart and love?
Who gave me that?
I will celebrate my choice,
To know what not to do.

This poem is for my mother,
And her lasting perseverance.
Three children and no father,
with holes in her marshmallow heart.
She fed her three cubs, Momma bear.
She kept their spirit soaring.
Taught them humor and grace, to learn their place.
For my mother made of rubies,
who spent eight years in college.
Pursuing a changed dream.
A woman, with chestnut hair, who learned,
To finally do something, for herself,
And her ruby heart.

These words are for my step father.
Who lost it all.
For a man who once had three kids,
Who now has half of 2.
A lion man who raised his red voice,
Who’s rage ate him up.
A man who; changed.
This poem is for my ex-step-dad,
Who learned to start fresh.

This poem is for my grandfather,
Who lost a losing war.
The reason  my sandpaper heart wears a scarlet ribbon.
This is for that man who loved me best.
Taken from me, with prejudice.
Without mercy.
This is not to celebrate the time we lost.
The white sand that was drained through the hour glass
But to celebrate my choice to learn for him.

This poem is for my son,
My little piece of chocolate,
Who changed my every move.
My glorified surprise.
For my choice to better us both.
The discovery of a love, I didn’t know.
Raw and naturally everlasting.
This poem is to celebrate him,
In every sunny way.

In my broken home, with shattered laughter,
There was no luxury.
There was yelling,
And waterfalls of silence.
Heart break, and love.
In this house with cold wood floors
And pieces of alien family
A place, of no existence.

I choose strength.
Rejection will not phase me.
Hope will take me over.
I will celebrate my choice,
To learn.
From my mother, my father, you, him, and her,
Their choice.
I know who I want to be,
And how to get there.
My ferociously empowered
Colossal choice.

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